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Since these days, class has made it mandatory for a ship to have PMS to have optimized results for both, ship and office. VALAD has hands on and gained experience on almost all known Planned Maintenance systems (PMS) and various different type and size of vessels. Our experts including but not limited to marine and mechanical engineers, who design and structure the databases are capable of handling end-to-end PMS Project Management. Having worked on most systems and hands on their interface, we can actually help you choose right PMS based on your requirement of modules and user friendliness.

  • Creation of data in spreadsheet template of PMS OR from the front end of the system.
  • Creating a component list with maker, model, serial number and technical data.
  • Creating all jobs with complete job descriptions (A summary of what to be done while doing the task)
  • Creation of all spare parts.
  • Creation of all CSM jobs from CSM list.
  • Creation of all safety and company specific jobs.
  • Combining several jobs under umbrella of one job using jobs relations
  • Linking of spares to Jobs in Major Machineries
  • Extraction of pages from the soft copy of manuals and attachment of files to relevant components and jobs
  • Renaming the files as per the format proposed by Client
  • Creation of inventory, certificates, surveys, crew details update of ROB’s of inventory and spare parts

Services Offer in PMS

  • Different level of data migration services based on what level of data migration is required.
  • Mapping of different fields of old system to new PMS system to ensure smooth transfer of data
  • Migration of data from excel / PMS to new PMS system along with purchase, work order, maintenance history etc.
  • If your company follows or maintains E-library or master library, we can assist you with creation of library and have only unique machineries across the fleet.
  • All vessels are linked to the equipment created in the master library. You can select the equipment, that belongs to a particular vessel to create the structure and database for specific vessel
  • No duplication of equipment or data
  • With PMS being handled and accessed by various crew members, the data is bound to get lot of irregularities and inconsistencies over a long period of time.
  • VALAD’s experience of handling various clients and their PMS and/or structure helps in sanitization, which includes deleting all obsolete, redundant and duplicate information and standardizing the data with the nomenclature defined during the process.