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A renowned US based client, whom we were trying to get on-board for almost a decade finally was convinced to use us for their service. They initially started with 1 vessel database population which led to one after the other being extremely satisfied with the results.

One fine day, their delivery head asked to arrange a call with our management team. The call was set up late evening due to time difference, clueless of the agenda and introspection at various levels. The call started and delivery head tells us that due to good show and trust we were able to create, he has a project of 80+ vessels for us. All of us were on cloud 9 trying to absorb the good news, however then comes a shocker, little did we know the client had already committed to deliver all these vessels in 6 months’ time, which meant we did NOT have any time to recruit, train or any turnaround time in hand.

We had no choice to negotiate the timelines and at the same time could not afford to lose such a large project. With almost no choice, we decided on the same call to take up this challenge and scaled up 3-fold in next two weeks’ time to execute this and weekly calls were set up to track the progress.

In about another 6-8 weeks’ time, same client came up with another project of 100+ vessels however this time we had the leverage to define and plan the timelines, recruit and train our resources. The confidence that we were able to build for the client allowed the client to outsource the non-core functions and concentrate on their core activity of their organization and get more business opportunities for us.

We saved on marketing and BD costs, while client saved on cost of expansion, space and resources, which are expensive compared to India.

Although we did take up the project, we request all our prospects to give us sufficient turnaround time to scale/up down the team size and discourage such practice

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